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Episode 23 - Special Guest Tom Mailey - Managing Expectations for your kids and Empty Nest Syndrome

June 16th, 2019

On this episode:

- We managed to get Tom Mailey from the Pat & Tom Show, the longest running morning show in Sacramento radio on 105.1 FM KNCI to join us and he was a wonderful guest!

- We get a unique glimpse into the world of music

- We get to see a parent that's been through it from beginning to end and has a success story to show for it

- Managing expectations for your kids without messing them up

- We learn about the WOODSHOP ROCKS program and its wonderful success story! (

- We test the waters of Empty Nest Syndrome... it's not all bad!

- This week's bad dad calls himself "the Indiana Jones of Spirituality!"

- Who’s the comic of the week?  Listen and find out!


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