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Episode 74 (Kinda) - Protest Announcement

June 7th, 2020
In light of the protests against police brutality going on as I type this, we will not be having a regular episode this week as, when Mike and I recorded, it just sounded like two more white guys sounding off on what's going on in the world today.  We wanted to offer something more substantial.  Instead of a regular episode, we're providing links to charities supporting the protest moving that is currently changing the face of our country before out very eyes.  We'll return to regular programming next week.  

Have comments, suggestions or just want to say, "Hi!"?  Have an embarrassing fact that you want to learn about Mike?  Email us at 


Links to the charities supporting the current protests are below:

Community Bail Funds - 

Black Lives Matter -

Black Visions Collective (BLVC) -

The Okra Project -

Loveland Foundation -


Thanks for listening!  Please stay safe while making the world a better place!

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